Sonja’s Tesla Fan Video!

It’s finally done! My submission for Tesla’s Project Loveday! Andrew and I had a really “fun” time (ha ha ha – it always starts off as fun) creating this together. And hey – what doesn’t kill your marriage makes it stronger, right? Summary and production credits below, and stay tuned for: extended cut of our video (with extras and bloopers) and upcoming posts about how our video was produced!

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The Project Loveday contest seemed like a really great opportunity to share our Tesla love/obsession with likeminded folk – but also to possibly reach a bigger audience. I wanted to focus on some of the frequent questions and ideas we encounter with regards to our Tesla Model S, but also make it FUN! Of course I ended up wanting to cover too much information to fit into a 90 second spot – but I fought hard to squeeze as much in there as humanly possible! We enlisted a few friends to “ask questions” in our film, and our kids enjoyed participating as well – otherwise everything was done by myself and my super amazingly talented and miraculously patient and hardworking husband Andrew! THANKS ANDREW!


Sonja Jasansky:
Writer, Director, Actor, Voiceover, Producer, Casting director, Styling director, Text captions & graphics, Production assistant, Doll maker

Andrew Nawrot:
Cinematographer, Visual effects artist, Producer, Editor, Sound recording & design, Post production everything


Featuring (in order of appearance):

Dominique Pierre-Toussaint as: where do you charge it man

Jeff Brace as: road tripper man

Patricia Dexter as: questioning the size of electric cars woman

Sandra Schell as: confused about electricity sources woman

Steve Becker as: global warming is a hoax man


“Midnight” by Graalmusic – Stock media provided by Pond5

© Sonja Jasansky 2017